A Guidebook that Hits You Right Where You Live

Copyright Oct. 18, 1981  For an interesting comparison with today, please visit city-data.com/toplists.html

By Bob Schwabach 

All right, we know it. You’ve been thinking on and off for years about what it would be like if you moved to another city.

Would the food be the same? Do the people talk funny? Do they speak English? Three psychologists at C.W. Post College on Long Island have been wondering the same thing and they have put out a book on the subject, “Finding Your Best Place to Live in America” (Red Lion Books).

The thesis here is: “We have discovered that where a person lives dramatically affects his happiness and success in life.” We all suspected as much.

But what they have done is put together in a reasonably conveinent way a list of pluses and minuses for various places so you can figure out what bothers you most where you are now, and where to go for less of it, and what you like best and where to go for the most of that. Continue reading